Remove current The Free Shipping option when discount code is applied

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We use discounts to give industry and prodeal people wholesale on our stuff.  But we also offer a free shipping rate for all orders over $50 (free shipping is not a done via discount code, its a shipping rate discount).  So a prodeal customer using his discount code 50OFF is getting a 50% off deal on product and is also getting free shipping when they spend $50+.  And we need those customers to pay for shipping.

Want to be able to say, IF YOU USE THIS COUPON CODE 50OFF  then charge for shipping.  No Free shipping would be available once they entered that discount code.

Have to also consider they might not apply to all codes becuase we would still like to use a coupon code of 15% or 20% off for other marketing campaigns. 

I know Shopify doesn't do this out of the box but I would like to explore if there are options.  Some people have suggested some Apps but not sure any of them would acheive this. 

Not imposed to hard coding or any other type of work around. 



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Hi Dave,

I am not sure that an app can do what you want. But you gave a solution yourself: Define Free Shipping as a discount. This way no buyers can use it with other discounts. 

The downside is that buyers must fill in the discount code for free shipping. You can help them by displaying a message with the free shipping discount code using, for example, a top bar..

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Yeah that is an option but would rather people not have to use the coupon code for free shipping.  thanks for your insight Cynthia 🙂

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We have the same problem in our store, and we haven't figured out how to solve id, did you?


We need them to apply with automatic discounts and coupon codes, both of them, as we always have at least one automatic discount to make the transaction process easier and smoother to the customers.


The thing is that sometimes we give BOGO offers (Buy 1 get 2 free), so out profit there is already very little, so giving the shipping for free is not an option in those promotions.



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We're looking to do the same thing. So far we haven't found a solution. Does anyone know if this is possible? Ideally we don't want to have ANOTHER code that a customer has to enter in for free shipping.. 



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Also have the same problem free shipping over $100 (offered as a shipping rate) , but sometimes customers apply the 10% manual discount code for orders over $50 and get both the free shipping and 10% off  when their order is over $100, and we dont allow / cant afford d to do both.

Did any one find a solution to this?  Even a hard coding solution ?