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Return policy for dropshipping store

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Hi I am setting up a aviation product related drop shipping store using oberlo and spocket, possibly expanding to printed products in the future.

I'm looking at the return policy generator and doing some research it seems most places either do not accept returns or they do for an exchange, as you can't return products to China.

I don't want to handle returns manually, I'd rather the customer keep the product and have a refund if requested. I've been looking at policy generators like termsfeed and I can't see an option to allow for "no returns" but refunds allowed. Do I just create a basic policy with returns allowed then tell the customer on a case by case basis? How can I do this? 

If it is required I might look into services which allow to hold some inventory of returned items to be resold.

Thanks for the help.

On a side note I was looking at using this service: 
To use as an address for the business instead of my home address. Would that work?

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