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Returns without a reciept

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We are new to Shopify POS and using PRO.  We are using this in a brewpub setting.   When we sell off-prem items like a keg of beer, we charge a keg and tap deposit.   When they return the keg and tap, and if it was processed by Shopify, it's a simple return process as documented where we find the order and return the deposits.   The problem is for all deposits collected with the old Aloha system.   One solution is to create a dummy order for all outstanding deposit tickets from the old system.  Another we thought of:  We tried to create items (Return - Keg, and Return - Tap) with negative prices, but those aren't supported.   More generally, it's a return without an item or receipt.  Can we just credit funds to someone's credit card? Other ideas?  Thx

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