Royal Mail Click & Drop Weights - Box & Fill not accounted for

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Hi All,

We use RM Click & Drop for our Shopify orders but we've hit a problem regarding weights.

We sell physical products.

Each product has been assigned its correct weight in grams in the product details.

When a customer places an order, Click & Drop quite correctly pulls the product through and adds it to the postage label.


it does NOT take into consideration the weight of the actual box the items are being sent in nor the fill inside to protect the products (shredding, paperwrap, bubblewrap etc).

Therefore when the customer's order is boxed and ready to be shipped the final weight of the package bears no resemblance to the weight stated on the label.

It's often anywhere between 50-250 grams out depending on the size of the order.

So I'm looking for ways to add the weight of the box & fill to every order BEFORE we generate the labels via Click & Drop.

I can't seem to find a way of doing this.

Thanks in advance 

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Did you find a solution to this please? We are having the same issue and it is driving me mad