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Set fixed price at Product level for multiple currencies

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Feature Request (I'm sure we're not alone)


Can you please add the option to set fixed prices at the Product level for multiple currencies. The way you're currently accepting payments in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments (automatically converted based on the foreign exchange rate and rounding rules) is compromising all marketing communications that include prices, knowing that from one day to the other the prices can oscillate, which makes this a completely unusable feature.


What we need is a simple "currency / price" field (or menu) at the Product level, that allows to clearly define a price for each of the pre-selected currencies.

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Currently, if you want to control the price difference and set fixed prices among multiple currencies, you might consider run multiple stores serving different domains, providing local currency check-out at each domain. For example, for the US market, for the Australia market. In this way, it's best to control product, shipping cost, price differences etc at multiple markets.


Within the multi-site structure, you could auto direct visitors to correct site URLs based on their geolocations, accession their IPs. For example, using Geo Redirect tool, you can simply set up redirecting rules and integrate within a few steps. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps!

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Yes, that's exactly what we're doing. But it's super annoying knowing that we're stuck with an extra store to manage, plus we're still limited to 1 currency per store – if we want to cover GBP £, EUR €, USD $, and JPY ¥, we'd need 4 separate stores.


Not the solution we're looking for...


But thanks for your comment! Really appreciate the help.

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Separate multiple stores is also shockingly bad for a stores analytics and seo. It can't be that hard guys - there are so many of us need this feature. I wonder if the only reason it isn't implemented is that it's more cost effective to get us to open multiple stores out of desperation. Hope not that would amazingly bad style. 

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Using different stores to handle fixed currency pricing is not a viable solution.

This really ought to be a core feature. But I would bet that it's tricky for them to roll out for reasons tied to their payment processing gateway procedures behind the scenes. Reconciliation might be tricky for them.