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Setting up Multiple Shipping Rules, Combining rather than Stacking?

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Hi, I am looking for some help with creating a couple shipping rules.  Here is what I intend to offer:


Small Products, Order Under $50.00

USPS First Class Package - $5.00

Small Products, Order $50.00 and over

USPS First Class Package - FREE


Large Products, Order Under $100.00

USPS Priority Mail - $10.00

Large Products, Order Over $100.00 and over

USPS Priority Mail - FREE


Setting up each rule individually works perfectly fine.  But if a customer tries to checkout with items from both categories (small and large), the system tries to "stack" the two shipping buckets rather than combine them to the larger of the two rules.  This means that the customer is presented with $15.00 shipping charge rather than just the larger of the two, $10.00.  Any insight on how to address this?

Thank you!

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Hey @fablehobby,

Unfortunately Shopify's shipping profiles are quite limited and don't allow for logic like this. Your exact requirements can be configured in Intuitive Shipping. I encourage you to book a call with our team to get an app tour and learn how we can help you succeed on Shopify (don't forget to ask about our starter plan!). 


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