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I just set up my shopify store selling t-shirts and at the moment I am only utilizing Printful to design and fulfill the t-shirt orders and then using Shopify to sell them. I have a couple questions:

1. To correctly calculate the shipping costs, do I set up the shipping origin address as the Printful address since that is where the shirts are coming from? If so, do I use the CA or NC address? Will the shipping label on the box show this address?

2. If customers have returns, in general what is the rule for the return address? I currently do not have a business address or set up for my business, just my home address, so should I use the Printful address in the meantime?

Thank you!


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Hi Danielle, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great question here. The shipping settings can be difficult on the best of days especially with Printful as it can be slightly different. This is something you can adjust in the app settings of Printful within your admin. Printful is aware of situations like this and has an override to account for it. You can override your Shopify shipping settings for Printful only orders so your customers will see the correct addresses when they need to. You can see and adjust these settings in your Printful app by taking the following steps:

Shopify Admin > Apps > Printful > Settings > Shipping

Something to note is that you would need carrier calculated shipping (CCS) in order for this to work also. Printful needs to read live rates to produce for your customers depending on where they are based. Printful have a guide on how to do all of the above which you can see here

Regarding returns, they would go back to Printful and the address for the customers for this would be on the packing slip with their product. For more information on returns in general with Printful, you can see their help guide here

I hope this helps and don't hesitate to reach out should you have any other questions about anything. 

All the best, Nick

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So I'm hoping this thread is somewhat guiding me in the correct direction for Instagram integration. Turns out my facebook storefront says everything is out of stock, the facebook business manager says everything's "available", and now I've discovered that not only was my fulfillment address in shopify set to my home address but that every product was marked as "0" in the inventory section. First things first: should I set Printfuls NC fulfillment center as the fulfillment location? Second: since it's a drop shipping service, should I (for the sake of business manager and facebook) go through and mark all the items I have synced as 999 in the inventory? I know Etsy automatically did this to avoid out of stock issues with print on demand services, but (I'm guessing, fingers crossed) that this is what is rendering my Instagram product tagging unavailable. Since out of stock items on facebook seem to cause a mess of problems in regards to verification.

I'm truly at my wits end with this integration process and this is the only lead I've had in weeks.

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Did you have your business address yet? If you did, this guide may help you solve your issue.


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Hi Lofty Sloth

Can you tell me how you overcame these issues as I am also facing the same.