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Shipping A Big Box - Not Getting Prices from UPS/FedEx/DHL on Shopify?

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Say I sell a product that needs a box 80 inches wide by 50 inches tall by 20 inches deep. 

80 x 50 x 20


Is there a "limit" on what the shippers accept via Shopify?   I entered this box size when trying to print the shipping label, yet neither USPS, UPS nor DHL showed an option to ship within the Shopify store.  I'm thinking maybe the shipping companies rather I bring the box down to one of their locations.  Could this be the case?


Is there such a limit on dimensions and/or weight?

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Touching base with this topic.

Any thoughts?


Thank you!

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I hope you have solved the issue and your store is all set! If not, please read through.

As per my understanding, there is a limit on the dimensions and weight, above which an additional handling charge will be added. In case of UPS, additional Handling charges occur when a package has the longest side exceeding 48 inches or second-longest side exceeding 30 inches and/or, the average weight per package is greater than 50 pounds or packages over 50 pounds with the weight not specified. You can check out the criteria for different carriers below.




This issue might be because Shopify doesn't directly handle this criteria. Did you try adding a smaller package size and check out a test order for the same? If you are able to get the shipping options in this case, the issue might be with the criteria that I have mentioned above. You can contact Shopify support and checkout if there are any workarounds for this within Shopify. Alternatively, you can look into apps like our Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that helps you handle this in Shopify. 

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