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We tried Boxify( this was recommended by Shopify btw) but we couldn't get over the fact that their monthly charge is based on calculations not actual orders; this means any customer checking your shipping cost will ding you. We estimated we would have to pay an additional $250+ a month for this app; not a huge cost for a business but it's the disappointment to find how we are yet getting nickeled and dimed.

For anyone else considering another option:

For our oversized packages, we decided to use the dimensional weights for each items instead of their true weight. There are many websites online that will take the dimensions of a package and then return its dimensional weight that UPS, FedEx, and USPS use to calculate a package. with this setup our shipping is much closer to the actual cost now. Still, this method isn't prefect since there is the issue that Shopify forces your site to using just one DEFAULT box. Try using a default box that isn't too small if you don't want your USPS giving you rates that would go into a flat rate box.



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@sfDisplayYet another work around.... The problem with this is that you are entering fictitious product data (dimensional weight) instead of actual data (LxBxH & weight) into your backend. That will sync a 3rd party stock control system if you use one, and then all your data is fictitious. If you ever change to real data, then you need to review every single product! If you use another sales platform that DOES use real product data then you are stuck because you can only have on or the other in your system.

Shopify... is anyone listening?

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thank you for this info. 



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I'm not sure if this is helpful or not--Shopify now has something called "Shipping profiles"--see the help here:

I haven't actually used these since we don't send a large number of large/lightweight packages--but I think it looks like it would work for that--create a profile with the appropriate box size and assign the products to it.

Maybe Shopify can weigh in here?

It's slightly ridiculous that Shopify doesn't allow dimensional information on the product to utilize for box-sizing suggestions. This problem is slightly solved with some of the shipping software, but it will not work directly within the Shopify environment. In order to overcome this, we are using this fulfillment software that enables us to input all product dimensional information, and then it rate shops and makes a box-sizing suggestion for packaging. 

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What is with this simple request why can't Dimensional shipping sizes be added?

This post was from 2019 and the links you reference are no good for Dimensional shipping as Shopify does not give developers access to this area for them to build a good App. For a public company to not offer Dimensional shipping is just crazy. Shipping rates are up multiple times already this year and there is no way to show the consumer proper shipping rates unless each product can have its size entered. This is easy to accomplish for any elementary coder but it appears that shopify is too busy making money on shipping charges for its hosted accounts.



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Great.  Another solution requiring an add-on application (and cost) for a feature that should be native to the Shopify environment. 

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I played around with the same solution and marked my oversized products weights with the dimensional weight instead. This isn't the most perfect solution and the apps don't have a full proof solution either but the best solution I have found out there is an app called Advanced Shipping Manager.


That is what I use nowadays and with it I can even ignore the limitation of only having 8 warehouse locations as i can set a ship from zip code on each product.


The only 2 issues that I came across are 1) with the cart limit to API calls i can only have a certain amount of rules set up or shopify cancels the call and you don't get any shipping calculation and 2) it doesn't track inventory so I can't have it change the ship from location based on inventory available in that zip code.

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Can anyone recommend another e-commerce platform that has dimensional shipping rates for products? I sell vintage home furnishings - no item is the same, and I cannot use the same box for a lamp as for a set of coasters. It's ridiculous to pay $40 CAD/month and not have this basic functionality that Etsy and other marketplaces have had for years. I largely sell furniture, not so much items that can be shipped around the world, so it makes no sense to pay even more money for an app to perform this.