Shipping Condition weight based - change from lb to kg

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Item weight in kgItem weight in kg


Hello, Kindly help me with this. Is there a way to change these units to KG instead of LB because my products and courier company charges are based on KG. So my products Units are stored in KG.

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Did This problem get solved? In my case I am not being able to change the unit from kg to lb. Tried everything. The unit system is in the Imperial system.

Please suggest.

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Hi, I didn’t solve it with Shopify but managed to solve it myself.

Step 1: Remove all your existing shipping rates
Step 2: Go to the units and switch this back and forth to the right metric i.e. change it to lb then change it to kg
Step 3: Go back to the shipping rate section and create new shipping rates and it should appear in kg
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Ok this is what worked for me.
1) In the settings we had Metric and KGs selected.
2) Changed the settings to Grams and Saved
Note, no change in the Shipping weights after saving
3) Changed back to KGs and Saved

Whilst this retained the old rates in pounds, I could add new rates in KGs

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Phew, this finally worked for me too - thanks for the advice, I don't know what I would have done without this thread!

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Thanks! This has now worked for me too , using new Shopify 2.0 - Dawn , but had to delete all existing rates first. Can Shopify not add a note in for UK users?