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Is there a way to export, or even an app that can export your shipping data? I'd like to export the size of box I used, the actual weight, and the price I actually paid. 

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Adding my support to this as well -- it'd really help me out to be able to pull the actual shipping cost I paid for "free shipping" orders. I can't get an accurate profit without that number, unless I go order by order which. . .I'm not going to do.

Please please add this!

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I agree with the others and frustrated to learn this is data is not easily accessible. i just started using the shopify shipping and this is a very disappointing frustration. I change my process over to Shopping Shipping to make things easier - now I will have to do more back-end work to make sure my accounting/bookkeeping is correct. Please add this report!

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We're going through the same laborious process right now. Ideally we could enter a shipping cost when fulfilling an order in Shopify, since rates fluctuate daily between our suppliers and we charge a flat shipping rate (based on product type) on the order. Although it all (hopefully) averages out, this is really what I would feel most comfortable with for an accurate P&L. 

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Here's the workaround I came up with -- and part of me dislikes how resourceful we are as entrepreneurs, because that means we will find a way when Shopify is lacking features and solutions they should really have. The reporting, for instance, is terrible!

There's an app in the Shopify app store called ReportPundit. I'm squeamish about giving my data to 3rd party apps, but Shopify is too worthless in the reporting area that I am just biting the bullet. Using the app, you can create the reports you wish Shopify offered.

I created a report with the following fields:

  • Order number
  • Order date
  • Fulfillment date
  • Shipping label amount (Created)
  • Shipment Status (has it been delivered? in-transit? etc.)
  • Product Title
  • Quantity

The key here is the "shipping label amount (created)" field, which shows the price you paid for the shipping label.

I'm finding a lot of uses for the app.

Their support chat is also really helpful and will create reports for you if you tell them what you're looking for.

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This is really helpful.  I hadn't found Report Pundit yet, but I think it does give me the report that I need.  I hate that you have to pay for the app add on, but probably worth it since Shopify won't give us the report we need. 

Thank you!  

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I'm not excited to rely on / pay for a 3rd party app either, especially when it seems like something Shopify should have built in. (note there is a 14 day trial)

I've justified ReportPundit because I am now using multiple really helpful reports:

  • a shipping status report -- especially with massive covid USPS shipping delays, I want to know, all at a glance, which packages have been delivered / not delivered. This is why I found ReportPundit in the first place
  • a sales tax report -- shows me how much sales tax collected each month (for the states I have to remit sales tax)
  • UTM report -- show me which of my marketing efforts are working
  • Shipping label expense report -- and yes, now, this report, for tax reasons



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Thanks all - It's a shame to have to pay additional for a basic (and needed
for tax purposes) report. And this still unfortunately doesn't report any
additional shipping fees (that get tacked on after purchasing/sending out a
label) like if the address needs to be corrected or if UPS makes
weight/dimension audits or packages are returned. When you work directly
with UPS and have your own account, they give you a full report and
breakdown of fees, which in Shopify just disappears into the depths of your
past order timelines. Unless you want to go back and check every single
order after it's been delivered, you'll never know the full extent of your
shipping charges. THAT is the main problem here for me.
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As an eCommerce company, we use ShipStation for all of our shipping needs. With ShipStation we can easily supply customers with immediate shipping information and keep our ship team on track. What do we like best about ShipStation? Check them out:

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*Adding and changing products with ShipStation is not hard.

*Shipping labels print easily.

*API functions and procedures work well across operating systems and applications.

*There are all kinds of training videos for ShipStation online.

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Ive reached out extensively. They don't care. They say you have to hire an expert. The fact they can't produce a viable report where they have taken your money on a daily basis is horrible business. I'm switching platforms based on this alone after almost 5 years with Shopify. 


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Thank you for sharing this. I'm sitting down to do taxes and have just discovered that Shopify reporting doesn't show the cost of labels printed. I'll look into the app you suggested. I will also give Shopify reps a call to make some (polite) noise.