Shipping discounts on multiple flat rate products

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We have flat rate shipping only and we have a shipping cost algorithm for multi purchases:
Apply first the largest single base cost then add 10% of the remaining base costs.
An example:
  1. first selection  - base shipping cost = $205
  2. second selection  - base shipping cost = $645
  3. third selection - base shipping cost = $490
  4. total shipping cost = $645 + ($205 x 0.10) + ($490 x 0.10) = $645 + $20.50 + $49 = $714.50.
Is there someone who can suggest an app or solution that can deal with this?
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Hey Lara did you ever find a solution for this? I'm looking for something similar.

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Hey @LaraGreen and @quinnsouther,

From what you're describing, it sounds like Intuitive Shipping is a great fit. 

This is a bit of a complex setup that we don't have a tutorial for, so I encourage you to book a call with our team or reach out directly to and our team will be happy to help. I recommend booking a call because our onboarding team will have additional questions to guide you in the right direction, so the one-on-one call time will get you set up quickly 🙂 

Warm regards,

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