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Shipping Question

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I have a shipping question and I thank you in advance for your help. So I have 2 products and their weights have been added to the items. When you choose Product A and you want multiple of these, the shipping price calculates respectively...the more you buy this product the higher the shipping price and it calculates based on weight. Its a beautiful thing. If you choose Product B - it reacts the same. Works perfectly. However, if you chose Product A (qty 1) and Product B (qty 1) in the same order, the shipping doubles (as though 2 separate orders). Somehow, the calculator doesn't realize you can just throw Product A and Product B into the same envelope. The site is and the Product A is a license plate, and Product B is a Keytag. I am using Canada Post Expedited Shipping option. Does anyone know how I can resolve this?
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