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Shopify Community, 

I am just starting my online store. I am going through building the whole system out to make the shopping experience easy for the customer. 

Now, I am going to build a new product checkout. Different from my current one that will calculate the customers tile quantity based on their square footage needed, ect. However, a big hurdle for me is shipping. Shipping will be a large expense and can A) deter a lot of customers from purchasing online due to the fact that tile is not cheap to ship B) Shipping rates vary even more when it comes to heavy freight and location C) What is the best way to build internal system or application to upload my products with their respective info to make our logistics and facilitate our process. Still looking for the best solution on this. 

What do you guys recommend in regards to using anapplication on my store, how to facilitate the shipping process for my store (if you can give me any advice), any ideas overall that might be helpful?

We are just getting started on this online store and I know it will take time to get close to perfection, but look forward to hearing back. 


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Hey Diego,

It looks like our advanced shipping calculation app, Intuitive Shipping, would be a good fit for your store. There are a few reasons for this:

1) Shopify’s native shipping options will likely be too basic for your shipping needs. 

2) We are integrated with a few negotiated rates providers, so depending on your shipping set up and your own connections, we can potentially get you better shipping rates that would be applied to the respective order types (including ltl freight).

3) With Intuitive Shipping, you can charge based on dimensional-weight and create multiple box sizes (native Shopify offers 1) so that accurate rates are charged at checkout (we also offer 4D boxing, which could be a great option for your store depending on the various ways your tiles can be shipped).

The ideal way for you to set up Intuitive Shipping will depend on a variety of factors, so it would be best to reach out to us at if this appears to be a good option for you so we can go over your different options with you. 

Warm regards,

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We've done a number of builds like this for the flooring and hardscape industry. Customer uses a sq ft calculator on the product page - it then tells them how many boxes they need and it rounds up the last box so there are no partials.


We then run a dual rate shipping quote ... dual rate means that if the total weight can go cheaper on a standard shipper - like UPS/Fed Ex Ground .. it returns that rate. If it is more appropriate for freight LTL .. then it returns that rate and adjusts for pallet size and weight (additional weight).

Reach out if you want a consult on this.
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Could you send me samples of websites you've worked on? Thanks. 

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Both use dual rate LTL. Plyboo has a Sq. foot calculator that translates price per sq ft. (or linear foot for trim)

Most of our other examples are for clients we cannot post publically since we worked as a sub-contractor for another agency reselling our work. 

Just email with your contact email and I can send them direct.

We're about to launch a Shopify version of CoverallStone above for a subsidiary.

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Hello Diego,

The advanced shipping manager can offer a solution for accurately calculating shipping for your products.

No more worrying how to quote shipping rates in your store!  Now you can account for product level settings, such as:

- Shipping from multiple dropshippers (multiple origins), and even cover for dropshipping fees

- Dimensional weight products and products that ship alone

- Flat-rate or free shipping promotions for specific products

- Block certain shipping methods for specific products

- Real-Time rates from common US couriers - for domestic and international shipping methods

- Real-Time rates from many freight couriers!

To read reviews from some of our Shopify customers and download the app, please click on:

Let me know if you would like to discuss in further detail.



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I just read your comment and I think you are the right person for my issue.

My name is Thomas and I live in Germany, Düsseldorf. Currently I am building an Onlineshop where I am selling tiles.

I don´t sell those tiles per boxes. I sell them seperatly. The shop can go online asap but the biggest problem is that the customers can´t tipe in the square meters and that my shop can´t calculate the rigth price.

That´s an example how it should be calulated if a costumer wants to buy 100sqm and types in 100sqm:

Size of a tile = 0,6x0,6m =0,36sqm

100tiles/0,36sqm= 277,77 tiles rounded up to 278 tiles

288 tiles x 0,36sqm = 103,68sqm


So the typed in 100sqm should be converted to 103,68sqm otherwise I lose money for every order.


I realy need someone who can do this for my shop otherwise I can´t go online.


Best regards,






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I am interested in a consult on this for my tile store. 

Would you have someone reach out to me at