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My business is based in Europe & is a platform-based business model, meaning i have vendors from different parts of the world & they drop ship the items with the shipping label provided by me. I split them into 2 categories EU & Non-EU Vendors. Shipping rates for the products of Non-EU vendors is always a unique value, let's say €30.
For the products of EU vendors, I would like to offer three options to my customers based on order price & shipping method. 
Free Shipping for orders above €250
Standard shipping = 15€
Express shipping = 20€
As far as I know, regarding shipping rates, at check out, Shopify automatically sums up the shipping rates when an order has products from different fulfillment centers/vendors. But I would like to give a better shopping experience for my customers by charging a flat rate no matter order has items from different fulfillment centers.
For example, if an order has items that would ship from two different locations in Europe & the shipping method is standard, the shipping price at check put must be 15€ instead of 30€.  The same must be applied to if an order has multilìple items coming from different countries other than Europe. 
And of course, if an order has products of EU & Non-EU vendor and order value is less than threshold shipping prices would sum up.
Is there a way to achieve my requirements?
Thank you,
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