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Could someone please explain why when a customer uses Paypal, I am paid immediately, but when they use Shopify payment, they keep the money for almost 10 days ??

I need to order the goods for the customer, and that puts me out of pocket until I receive the incoming payment.

Over a weekend, or a bank holiday I can accept, but holding the money unecessarily is not !

Any explanations greatly received .


Thanks !


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Hey Charles, 

I can definitely understand your frustration around this and I'd be happy to provide some context behind the payout schedule for Shopify Payments. Based on the ending of your domain (.ie) I'm going to assume you're based in Ireland. With that being said, the below information is specific to Ireland Shopify Payments (other regions have different specifications.)

Shopify Payments Ireland runs on a 4 BUSINESS DAY payout schedule. It's important to note that business days means that we do not include the weekend as is done for other country locations that operate on a "calendar day". Once the order is placed, Stripe will process the funds which in return sends the funds to Wells Fargo for final processing. Due to Ireland being international, it does add additional processing time which is why there is a 4 business day payout schedule.

While we do process the payouts in 4 business days it can take your bank an additional 0-2 days to fully deposit your funds. This is based on your bank's processing times and is not controlled by Shopify. Here is a graph which shows the 4 business days in terms of a payout schedule.

IMPORTANT - "Transfer arrival date" means the day that Shopify sends the payout to the bank for processing.

I know that these processing times aren't all that desirable and I wish I could make them better, however, I can not. What I have done, however, is brought this up to our Shopify Payments team so they can look into what can be done for reducing the wait time for you and the rest of our Ireland merchants.

If there's anything else I can help with please don't hesitate to reply back and I'll happily help out!

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Paid for on the 7th and to be paid on the 13th, in this day and age, with the digital technology available, this is excessive and when I can transfer funds Internationally to arrive in the recipients account the sameday, it looks like the money is either floating in the ether for a week or on deposit somewhere, earning interest, just not for me !