Shopify Payments Reinstatement

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Hey Shopify Community,

I’ve been contacting the Shopify Risk Operations Team for weeks now regarding this matter.

Last year, I tested a few products (some which were supplement/CBD-basex) and realized these were “high-risk” items. For that reason, Shopify Payments was removed from my account.

Fast forward to now, I cleaned up my inventory and removed all of the “high-risk” products from my store.

I’ve opened so many tickets trying to get an answer from the Risk Team and NO ONE has contacted me back regarding the reinstatement of Shopify Payments. This is terrible.

I have customers that have placed pre-orders with us and because of this hold, we cannot process any payments. 

Can someone please help me on this? Im seriously considering removing my store and going to a competitor. This is absurd!

Please help!

- Malcolm

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