Shopify Puts Customers At Competitive Disadvantage Without Carrier Calculated Shipping

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Shipping is the single greatest hurdle any eCommerce store faces. It’s a reality of product sales that we can’t escape. And the fact that Shopify does not offer a feature they have already built for their big spending clients to their Professional package clients speaks to their actual commitment to giving their smaller clients a fighting chance in this business. 

$80 per month is a lot of money for a new shop. But it’s a commitment I am making because I want to be successful. Which means, that I need the tools necessary to make a real go of it. And shipping will, arguably, be the single biggest factor in my ability to compete on price in a highly competitive marketplace. After spending the past two weeks setting up my store, I have found Shopify’s basic shipping features to be woefully inadequate. 

Here’s the deal. I did my research. I’m still opening an account with Shopify because I think they offer the most well-rounded platform for eCommerce - between their integrated payment gateway (Stripe) and their POS offerings. 

But if after six months, I find that I am losing customers because they don’t want to pay $8 to ship a $10 item to them because I can’t offer real shipping rates … I’ll cancel my account and migrate to one of Shopify’s competitors.

Shopify stands to earn a lot of money from me. All I need are the basic tools to make it work. And Carrier Calculated Shipping is a no-brainer. It should be part of both the Professional AND Unlimited packages. And I shouldn’t have to pay an additional $100 per month for their Unlimited plan OR an additional $20 per month simply to turn on the feature for a Professional plan. 

And I can’t afford to “offer free shipping” … which is the best advice Shopify can offer. Baffling. Simply baffling. 

A Professional package that doesn’t offer Carrier Calculated Pricing isn’t actually a “professional” plan. Is it?

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Count me in on this crusade. I'm currently building a site for a client and we're having a hard time figuring out how to handle shipping. Sometimes when their customers purchase mutliple items it doesn't cost any more to ship them b/c the weight difference is negligable and it will all fit in one box. Other times the additional items, which may not cost much, do require their own box and now the shipping costs for the customers have gone up. My customer said that one time the shipping on the site came out to $48, but it only cost them $10 to actually ship it, and that really angers their customers when they receive a box and the shipping lable shows how much they paid to ship it.

I am glad to know that we're not alone... I guess.