Single charge and credit card hold for a single transaction?

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Is it possible to charge for a review of a product while also placing a hold on the credit card for the full amount of the product?  

I want to add dress rental to my store, but my customers would have to pay for the rental (including shipping) but I would like a 14 day hold on the full cost of the dress until it is returned.  At that time I would like to release the hold, but would then need to charge for the return shipping.  It doesn't seem possible with either Shopify payments, since there is a single set up for the store, and this would only apply to certain products on my site.  Is there an app that would help?  


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Hey Julie,

Authorization periods expire after a certain period of time. After an authorization expires, you may no longer legally capture payment for that order. Shopify Payments has an authorization period of 7 days. To authorize payments for a longer period, you must use a third-party payment gateway. And then you'd still need to charge the rental and shipping separate from the full cost of the item.

Outside of that you can work the rental price into the full price , authorize for the full amount but only capture the partial, but with this you can only do it once, so you'd have to wait for it to be returned to just charge rental, or it not returned full.




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Thanks Jay, any links to instructions for adding a third party gateway?  

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Hi! I am wondering if a 3rd party gateway is still necessary or does Shopify have this featured built in yet?

We have automatic capture turned on and I don't see an option to do manual capture on a case-by-case basis (for example, when creating a draft order)