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Stock Products at Locations - Checkout Error

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I am currently having an issue where customers on my site are checking out with products only to see that there shipping isn't available in their region. Our site currently ships to Canada and the USA (with some exceptions). However, for certain vendors on our site, when products are selected and added to cart, the checkout page says that products cannot be shipped to their location (even if it is somewhere we ship to). We deal with 4 main vendors, each of which operate their own warehouse. I have added each product by vendor to their own Shipping Profiles and set up rates. However, while these products are in their Shipping Profiles, customers are unable to checkout and choose shipping options. Yet, when I remove the shipping profiles and use "General Rates" all products work fine. We do not currently track shipping on our site (all products say "do not track inventory"). Is there a way I can mass stock each product by vendor for their warehouse locations? I believe the issue is that while the products are in their own Shipping Profiles, they are not stocked for those locations, and so they do not show the right shipping options at check out.



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Hey @Bathify,

From what you're describing, Profiles should work for your setup. 

I can think of two potential issues that are causing this: 

  1. You don't have shipping rates configured in all or one profile to cover the order value that occurs when multiple vendors are added to the cart. This happens if you add in any conditions to your shipping profile. I.e. if you had a profile that is set that up so 5lbs is $5 and up to 10lbs is $10, but the total weight of the items a customer adds to their cart is 11lbs, your rates will fail. This is because Shopify counts the entire cart weight, not just the weight in a profile. 
  2. You are missing the shipping zone in a shipping profile. This is unlikely because the error message you're seeing is the default Shopify error message during shipping (still make sure all of your zones are configured). A great idea is to edit this message to encourage your customers to contact you if this happens, i.e. "hmmm, we're not able to generate a shipping quote for your order. Please contact us at [phone number] or [email] and we'll be happy to look into this for you!". It's a much better alternative than the customer assuming you don't ship to their area when really there is just a small shipping error. @Savannah_F from Shopify's team gave fantastic & simple instructions on how do to this here


I hope this helps!! 

Warm regards,

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