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Store closes when connected to PayPal

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I have a very painful and frustrating problem. It’s mostly frustrating because of unprofessional and arrogant Shopify support, so I will try to find help here.

If I make a new store, without changing a thing, it will get closed immediately after connecting it to PayPal.

I tried disconnecting that same PayPal (btw the PayPal works perfectly on 10 stores) on one of my active stores, then reconnecting it again and it then gets closed.

I even tried making a new email for Shopify to try again, but same happens.

I brought over 500 new Shopify users, have over a million dollar annual revenue, and yet I cannot have a single benefit to make this problem urgent and get it solved quickly .

I completely lost it when support just sent me an email (after me complaining about the issue) where they say that my business is too risky for them to accept it EVEN though I do not even use Shopify payments! Not to mention that I’m about to start using Shopify Plus in the same time while getting this ridiculous message from the other Shopify team.

Not to mention that 5 completely different store got closed because of this problem, and useless support just wrote templated “high risk” email to me like I haven’t been using the platform for 5 years now.

I have employees and run a serious company, so this is beyond unacceptable.

My biggest concern is that I never saw someone having the same problem?

Shopify has been abusing their power a lot recently, it’s just sad how they treat their clients.

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i have the same problem, did you find any sloution? 

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Hello have you found a solution to this?