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Store Credit Based Store Has Problems With Checkout

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Long time lurker, first time complainer!

My store functions as a client's company store, distributing goods to their employees. Using the flits store credit system, customers (employees) can earn credits in order to purchase items for themselves or their department. Recently some coding changes were made to Shopify's checkout page, and customers can now pay for products that they do not have the credits for by leaving the "pay with credits" tab unchecked in the cart. 

Our current workaround is to have a banner that reminds them to check the box, but a customer can easily skip it and pay for items on their own, not using credits. The store doesn't take payments outside of the credits, so the checkout shows "product X, $60" -> click ok -> order is processed but customer still has same amount of credits. Is there a solution that rejects payments that don't use credits, or a solution that requires the customer to click the "pay with credit" option?

Is there an easier solution that my team and I are not seeing?

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HI @BradKennedy, I'm Neomi from app,

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Hey @BradKennedy  did your team ever find a solution to this? I have a store fighting this same issue right now!