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My store is offline although I am paying the monthly bill. I'm i missing something? ANy help

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there, @rbsplay 


Bo here from Shopify Support!


When it comes to asking about specific account information such as "why is my store offline"  it is best to contact support directly so that we can gain access to your account, investigate it and speak with you about it - we can't authenticate you as the owner of an account through a public forum such as this.  I will reach out to you directly via email to authenticate you as the owner of this account so I can investigate this for you.


 In the future, you can get support by going to this page and click Contact Support you will be prompted to either login or continue without a store. Once you have selected an option you will be asked to ask about a topic. Search for your query and relevant help docs will populate as well as the option to proceed to live chat or email. You can also reach our Support team @ShopifySupport on Twitter or through Messenger on Facebook here.


All the Best,



Bo | Retired Staff Member