The metohd of Hiding "Accelerated payment options" at checkout, does not work anymore.

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As we probably all know, Shopify offers the "Accelerated payment options" during checkout ( Shop pay, Google Pay , Apple pay and Paypal )

You can either show these options at the Cart page, or at the first page of the Checkout.

One of the common "hacks"  to hide them at the First page of the Checkout,   is to show them at your cart page, and then Hide the DIV on the cart page, ( So Shopify will load them in the background of the cart page , and will not show them anymore at the First page of the checkout.

But this method doesn't seem to work anymore for me. ( It has worked for almost a year ) ( I am talking about this method: )

Even though I load them at my cart, and hide them, they still show at the First page of the checkout.

this is my website;

Does anybody know if Shopify changed this behavior? And what would be a solution?  ( disabling Shop pay, GOogle pay, apple pay and Paypal  is not a good option, because I would still like to offer these payment methods on the Payment page of the checkout process ( last page ).

Or could it be possible that some app is interfering with this method?

This is the code I use at the cart page, which used to work fine;

           <div style="display:none !important;"><br>
              Or use an express checkout: <div class="cart__additional_checkout"><div class="dynamic-checkout__content" id="dynamic-checkout-cart" data-shopify="dynamic-checkout-cart"></div></div>


Thank you in advance!


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