Trouble getting payment processor/gateways due to location+

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I hope someone is having great insight as I have applied to 10 payment processors without luck due to my "unusual situation", and I am getting very frustrated: 

  1. I am European but residing in the Philippines
  2. Business registered in the UK as I am NOT allowed to own a business in the Philippines as a foreigner and therefore cannot register in my name
  3. Home Address is in the Philippines
  4. Transferwise online business account (GBP)
  5. My shop will not sell in the Philippines but EU, US, AU
  6. I am being denied by Asian payment processors cause I am not registered in the Philippines
  7. I am being denied by western payment processors because I live in the Philippines. 

What should I do? I have also applied for Shopify payments but seems I will not be allowed either due to what I just mentioned above. 

Please help, 



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