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Turning off Balance paid for order notifications getting sent to staff

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We edit a lot of orders in shopify admin as customers are always wanting to add something to their order.

After we send the customer the invoice to make payment for the extra items, Shopify sends an email notification to the staffs personal email (whoever made the edit to the order).

Is there any way to turn this off? I just tried to get an answer in the live chat but they didn't know about it, unfortunately. My staff don't like receiving these emails and we would rather them get sent to our main work email address where we process the orders and reply to customer enquries.



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Wondering if you managed to find a solution for this?

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No, I haven't found a solution.
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We are also having the same issue. We are getting flooded with unnecessary emails that should be sent to the main work email. Please post if you found a solution.

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This is also a problem for us. We sell a lot business-to-business (B2B) and some of our customers have net terms on their accounts. Several of our users are receiving the balance paid emails which do not need to receive these emails. We are a Plus customer FYI. Hoping for a solution to this annoyance!

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I'm looking for a solution to this this as well. 

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We are also Plus and need to control this system further.

We are fine with them being sent to the initiator's email but would also like another stable email address added.