Using Gift Card as Payment Method in Admin Order Builder.

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I know that it is possible for customers to pay for their orders using a Gift Card at the checkout section, but is it possible to use a gift card as payment when creating an order in the admin order builder? I don't see any options for this at the moment.

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Hi John,

Luke here from the Shopify support team.

It's not currently possible to use a gift card as a payment method when creating orders manually through the admin. This is definitely a great idea that I can see other merchants benefiting from as well, so I'm going to pass this along to our development team as a feature request.

What I might suggest as an alternative for the time being is when creating an order in drafts and marking it as paid, include a note in the order that this was considered "paid" with a gift card, and then you can always disable the gift card in the admin if the funds are fully used. You also have the option of creating the order the same way a customer would through the checkout, including their information and using the gift card normally through the checkout but this would just send them an order confirmation instead of an invoice.

I hope this helps and I'll definitely pass this feedback along to our team. You can always reach out to our support team through our support page if you have questions!

Kind regards,

Luke B

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Has there been any update on this? Has the development team actually done anything with the idea?

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I second that - I need to use this functionality for updating the balance of a shopify gift card that has been used physically in store via my POS system (Vend). Currently no integration exists between the two platforms with gift cards so I need a way to update a gift card's balance on one platform when it is redeemed on the other.

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I THIRD this!!! - a system to integrate Shopify's online gift cards with Vend which allows a customer to present a Shopify online gift card instore to pay for products. You might say, "use the online checkout system and redeem the gift card through the online store", however not every product that is in Vend and in the physical store is available online so this theory doesn't work. Any ideas?

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I ended up using GiftUp's integration - really easy for staff to use within Vend and for customers to purchase gift cards online (example here). The support team are also really helpful with setup - quite straightforward 

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Are gift card (visa, mastercard and american express) allowed in the shopify payment methods? i have a client that keeps getting and error and declined message every time she has tried to purchase (she has a visa gift card) . 

Thanks in advance 

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Hello Shopify,

Has there been any further development on this. We have a lot of customers who ask for assistance redeeming their gift cards to make more complicated purchases.  These should be easy to do through the Create Order in Admin.  This is a fairly basic expectation.  Trying to do the workarounds will work on some transactions, but not on others. It causes additional errors if you are integrated with any other systems (which I assume many Shopify customers are).    We have a lot of work to do the workarounds and then manually update gift card balances, while also manually updating our inventory/accounting system to reflect what has actually happened with payments.  If no progress here yet, how can we add our support for this feature to be moved up the list?   It's been  more than 4 years since that first comment was mentioned.   This feature was available in Magento 1 well before that, so I'm surprised it's not in Shopify Plus.   Thank you, David