Waited a week with Shopify to be told that my payout failed and no reason given by Shopify

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So I received two orders from my site through Shopify payments.

I expected this to be a smooth process but it seems Shopify doesn't want to be clear on purpose and leaves out information on the payout process to you. First off you have to wait 4 business days to have your payout sent. I was told the payout would reach my bank 1-2 days after. No, it seems after asking support where my money was (which my bank could not see from their side despite support constantly telling me to speak to my bank) they said it would take up to 5 working days.

In the end, I received an email from Shopify saying both my payouts had failed.

"Your payout couldn’t be deposited because your bank was unable to process it. In most cases, you need to contact your bank to resolve this issue and then retry your payout.

Your payouts will be on hold until you resolve this issue."

I called my bank (Barclays UK) to figure out what was going on, and they told me they didn't see any record of a failed payment or any payment at all.  Can anyone help? I want to make sure that I am aware of the problem of why my bank didn't accept the payout.

Shopify are not being helpful and are taking hours to respond to me but only repeating policy and not giving me any answers. I spoke to my bank and because they cannot trace it they need more details from the sender;

> Reference number of payment

\> SWIFT Code of the sending bank

\> Sending bank name 

The contacts at Shopify seem to avoid giving this to me for some reason so I cannot track any payments coming in on my bank side.

Can someone please provide some answers for this? I don't want to find myself waiting another 3 business days for my payouts to be rejected by my bank and me not knowing why.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Brett!
Anders from the Social Support Team here.


First off, I wish to apologize for the troubles that you've been facing so far. But let's get started on finding a solution right away. 


There is a payout period of 4 business days between the date that an order is paid and the date that the money is sent to your bank account. I can assure you that if a payout does fail, there is only a temporary hold placed on your pending payouts. Once the issue has been resolved, all outstanding payouts will be deposited into the account. 


Now, a failed payout can occur for a number of reasons. In order to properly troubleshoot the issue, I will need you to contact our support channels with the Account Owner email we have on file. Highlight the issue thus far and you will be provided a ticket number. Reply back here with that number and we can continue on with our support.


I look forward your reply!

Anders3 | Social Care @ Shopify
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