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Want to show shipping costs in customer's local currency

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I'm a US-based shop, dropshipping with Oberlo and using Printify. (

I have the currency set up for the UK. I am now trying to set up the shipping costs, but it's calculating them in US $, even though it shows them in pounds.

I want to set my shipping rates to the UK to a specific amount (10 pounds) different from those I use for the US.


It's calculating the shipping to the UK as $10, not 10 pounds.


This is what I want my shipping to the UK to be: 

...United Kingdom:

...---> £10 for orders up to £50.

...---> £5 for orders between £50 and £100.

...---> Free for orders £100 and beyond.


Hope this isn't too confusing! Sorry if it is. 

Thanks for your help!

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