We want to better provide COD services to our Arab customers.

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Hello everyone. I am a beginner seller selling k-pop and cosmetics in the Middle East Asia (Arabic) region in Korea.

Currently, our site provides COD service and paypal.

However, there is a lot of confusion about customers choosing a shipping method.
COD has to be different from PayPal's delivery method due to the collection service fee.
For example, customers often make the following mistakes.

#X001  Salem
Payment Method : COD (cash on delivery)
Shipping method : PayPal customers only

#X002 Rawan
Payment Method : PayPal express checkout
Shipping method : COD (cash on delivery, using local delivery company)

Anyway case 2 has no problem with delivery because the customer paid in advance, but case 1 has no way to collect money, so it must be canceled.
This causes inconvenience to our customers.

My request is as follows:

1) We hope that the delivery method will be automatically selected according to the payment method selected by the customer.

2) If it is difficult to modify the payment process, we would like to unify the shipping cost and charge additional fees to customers who choose COD as their payment method.

3) We hope to be able to charge taxes separately. Not this "Tax is included"

4) I would like to be able to automatically set the shipping cost according to the weight in the Arab region.

1 and 2 are requests, and 3 and 4 are just hopes.


Thank you for reading the long article.

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