What alternatives to Shopify payments for C*D/VAPE products in the UK and EU?

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Hi all,

So i ran into a bit of a pickle with my store, I operate in UK and some parts of the EU. I found out that Shopify payments wont accept C*D/VAPE products so now I'm trying to find a third party gateway. 

Problem is, that im just starting off and i am not a registered business. All gateways that I have found require business registration to open an account or allow registration just do not support C*D/VAPE. 

I was wondering does anyone have any recommendations or solutions? 

A tad annoying because I had someone try to check out yesterday, which would of been my first order 😄 now i had to put the site behind a password page again until i resolve this. 

Any help is appreciated, thank you 🙂 

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Hi there @shyriman!


Thanks for outlining the situation you find yourself facing for your business here.


I'd first like to establish that we can't give legal advice of any kind here, so it would be the responsibility of the merchant to ensure that it is legal for you to sell what you are selling where you are.


This line of products is not something we'd be able to provide support for ourselves here in Shopify where you are located, so our advice would be to try to find your own processor that integrates with Shopify and will allow CBD transactions.


You mentioned that you had already been looking into this, but I wanted to share the full list of payment gateways available for use in the UK so you can see all of the options that are available there.


There are also additional payment methods as well as manual payment methods you can consider.


I do wish there was more we could do for you from there, though as outlined this is not something we're currently able to support in your region.


All the best!

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey Don,

Thank you, but unfortunately I have tried everything i could find. I need to be a registered business to use the Third Party merchants that you provide, which sucks as a starting business.  Wondering if anyone has a trick up their sleave or dealt with a similar issue 😞 

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there is alway a way out