What are some good payment providers for online stores in Indonesia?

What are some good payment providers for online stores in Indonesia?

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We are running a Shopify hosted online store in Indonesia and are having troubles offering functioning payment providers. For now we are only using PayPal which works great but cost quite a lot. Any money we wish to send from our PayPal balance to our bank account needs to be received in Indonesian Rupiah in an Indonesian bank account. We lose crazy amounts on the terrible exchange rates PayPal handles.

There are no real alternatives Shopify offers for their Indonesian customers.  When will your Indonesian customers have access to Stripe, Shopify Payments, etc? What's holding Shopify back?

Please advise and let us know if there are good alternatives. The payment providers listed by Shopify for Indonesia are just terrible. We have used a few and these were just nightmare scenarios. Can't really believe Shopify let's some of those be allowed on the platform.

Many thanks. Jeroen

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Hello @JMVDK !

Here are alternative payment processors available for Indonesia on Shopify:

1 3checkout
2. Bitpay
3. Ipaylinks
4. MOLpay
5. PayDollar
6. Payment Wall
7. Skrill
8. Doku
9. Sezzle
10. Local cards, Bank Transfers and Cash Payments

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for that. I have seen that list on our Shopify account and have tried most of them. We have had good experience with Sezzle but I can't really understand why Shopify lets some of those payment processors advertise their services on their platform..

Really wish we would be allowed to use some reputable and functional payment processors..

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Welcome to the nightmare, I have the same issue, as my store is in USD, and I have a company based in Indo. so most of the payments getaways that Shopify offers, eighter they don't work, or not support Indonesia (even that they are on the Indonesia list, not sure who makes that list, BUT THE PERSON SHOULD DO A CHECK OF THAT LIST).

I use PP also, works well, but the fees are just horrendous. and 2 check out, gave me a lot of headaches, charging double or not charging to the customers. I used to have them in my shop and I had to cancel the account due to all the issues. Now I have Fatsterpay and they froze my funds, I have been texting them, and I have already removed them as a payment option. I also contact Shopify, every time I had and issue, and they have been not helpful at all, always staying that are gonna report the issue, and I'm not sure if they do, I send them screenshots of it the payment providers, showing them that they don't work, and I report all the issues with Fasterpay/2 checkout and literally they say they aren't responsible for payments options that are not theirs. The funny part is that they don't offer any payment "shopify option" in Indo. So welcome to the nightmare of having issues on the payment system. 

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Same problem here, and I complain to Shopify a lot of times, 0 answers from their site, I have been reporting every issue. and I think I will open a company in a different country just because the payment issues.

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Hi Jeroen, 


Sorry to intrude, I'm having the same problem as you (can only use PayPal on my website) was wondering if you've settled on another payment gateway for your Indonesia based shop. 


Thank you, 


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I have actually set up a company outside of Indonesia and have this connected to our online store. That was the only fix. Good luck!

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hello! has there been any updates on this?