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What is the best US fulfillment / 3PL / ERP setup for a European food company?

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Hi All, 

we are a Company from Europe, who is looking into expanding into the US. We sell durable but perishable food items on subscripton and non-subscription basis. Our volume will be above 100 and below 1000 per day for the beginning. Online will be first priority but retail will prob. come at some point. 

With these feature set we are looking into the best fulfillment / 3PL / ERP setup in the US. 

It would be great to get to know some best practice cases of merchants who have gone the same route or have general experience in this field. 

Which solutions have worked for you and which failed. 

Thanks for your valuable feedback. 

Best, Tim

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Hey there! Shoot me an email at We can make that happen!

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Hey Tim,


Hopefully you've found a reliable partner by this post! However, in the off chance that you're still in the discovery phase, I'll provide some helpful questions to ask yourself.


First, I always recommend to receive as many quotes as possible to find the right solution for your unique needs.

Non-obvious things to consider:

1. Customer Location: Where are your customers located? If you have any clusters in certain regions (for example 80% in California), I'd recommend looking for a fulfillment center out there. 

2. International Fees: Has the 3PL dealt with international shipments? From as simple as receiving the order in a proper way to tracking your shipments and additional duties, an international shipment is vastly different than a US domestic shipment.

3. Order Processing: What type of system integration does the 3PL utilize? What cost do they charge? Does the price seem in line with other competitors?


At the end of the day, there's no best answer for everyone because each company has unique needs. If you have any future questions feel free to reach out

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We sell in the US and internationally also. They have a warehouse in the US and an international one. We tried many fulfillment services and the cheapest and best so far has been 

We are extremely happy with them. 


Good luck

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try a fulfillment partner. I trust see if they can help you

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Hi Tim,

My Name is Christian and I work for Logisticsly, a 3PL warehouse here in Dallas Texas. We are a curated warehouse that may be able to help expand your US reach and presence. Let us know what your needs here are.


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I sell non-perishable food items and Tupperware container sets. Find a fulfillment partner who fits your business model. My food items are slightly a weird shape and size. I found that worked the best for me. They offer lot expiration tracking for my items, their support is fast and pricing is easy to follow. They might be a good option for you. 

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hi @Tim_MucI own and am happy to help you search for a fulfillment provider. Contact us through our site!