What shipping app allows private users to create labels?

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I'm looking for the shipping solution (Or app) - I've tried to use many of them, but the main problem is that they require ID number which I can get only if I have a company that makes a contract with a DHL f.e. But I want to have the same functionality as a private 

When the customer goes to shipping options it shows those carriers (DHL FedEx etc) with the rates and delivery time. And when we got the order, we just create a label and 

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Hi @HR_Magician,


If you want the same functionality, you have to create your own DHL account. You can check out this guide to know how to create your DHL account: https://www.pluginhive.com/knowledge-base/how-to-get-dhl-account-number/ 

After you get your DHL account credentials, you can easily integrate with DHL in PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App for a seamless shipping experience. The app allows you to display DHL real-time calculated shipping rates, print DHL shipping labels, schedule carrier pickups & track your orders.


Let me know if you have any queries, I will be happy to help!

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Thanks, checking. do you know to get those ID number? I checked everywhere, and haven't found it

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Create an XML PI account to get the DHL test credentials

  • In order to have a DHL account number, visit the DHL Express XML Developer Portal page and get registered, 
  • Enter the details shown below along with the DHL Express account details that you created. 
  • After saving these details you will receive the DHL Test Account credentials via email 
  • Once the testing is completed, you will require DHL Production Credentials to ship your orders with DHL.
  • After creating the test credentials, you need to contact the DHL account manager. The account manager must request integration via
  • DHL Pre-sales Department. The pre-sales department will then provide you with the DHL production credentials.

I hope this helps! 🙂 

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Hey HR_Magician. Once you've created your carrier account, I'd recommend taking a look at some of the different shipping solutions available to work out what's best for your needs. For example, if you want one that will give you a lot of control with automations + let you use your own shipping rates without charging a fee, then our app Starshipit could be an ideal candidate for you.

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