When to ship?

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I just started a Shopify store a few months ago as a platform to sell clothes and I had a quick question about when to ship my items. I am not a drop shipping store and have all the physical products on hand. I know that when a customer makes a payment on an item, it takes a few days for the money to be processed. Can I ship out my items when an order is fulfilled before the payment is processed? Or is it safer to wait until the money has reached our account before shipping my items? A scenario I can think of is that I ship out the item before payment has reached our bank, the payment bounces, and there is no way to get the package back, so it would be my loss. I just wanted to know if it was possible for this to happen and if it is safe to ship before payment reaches our bank. I prefer to get my orders out as soon as possible and not having customers wait.


Thank you for your help!



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