Why are my store payouts still pending after a month?

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Orders from my store have been pending for over a month now and I am not sure how to resolve this. I did find I had some accout details that I had not completed and I recently completed them, but I just really want to know when I can expect my pay outs?? My payout schedule is set to daily.. I also have no idea how to contact someone directly for support, I have spent the last few HOURS trying to find a way to get in touch and all I can find is the automatic AI support chat ! I couldn't be connected to an admin, it just kept saying there was an error. Please, I just want my money :'(

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Are they telling you that someone will email you? And then you never actually receive an email? 

I’m going on day 4 of held payouts and there is no reason being sent for it, as small businesses at month end, these payouts keep our lights on. I have heard a few things that may help; 

you can continue to contact support - the holidays definitely will slow reviews and responses down. You can have your lawyer draft a letter, and send to their legal team (though it’s still the holidays, response might be slow there too), start moving your store / payment processor over. My store continues to make sales, Shopify continues to bill me and take their percent of each sale, yet I can’t even get a response to held payouts? I thought Shopify was the best…