Why are partial refunds occurring on Facebook Sales Channel orders?

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We have a client who sells a lot of products through the Facebook Sales Channel (IG Shop). When processing refunds for orders placed on the Facebook channel, only part of the order is being refunded. Do we know why this is?


For example, they have a Facebook Shop customer who is saying she has not been refunded her whole amount. On the Merchant's end we see that she has been refunded the whole amount, but it is only refunded her 558.22 when she needs to be refunded 636.51. 
We do see a refund showing 78.29, which is the amount she thinks she is missing. We see a bunch of random charges from Facebook. Any insight on this matter would be helpful! 
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Hi @Miranda_L 


Thanks for reaching out. Welcome to the Shopify Community.


I understand that your client is noticing that only part of the order is being refunded on Facebook. Can you confirm that they are using the Facebook and Instagram sales channel by Meta on their Shopify store? Also, are there any other third-party apps that might be involved in the refund process, or are they attempting to refund directly on the order page in their Shopify admin?


Sometimes if there are issues with the actual payment capture itself, refunds can appear to behave strangely, as there may not actually be anything to send back. There's some troubleshooting that can be done to find out more about the order and what might have happened, which I will outline below:


  • Open the affected order in the Shopify admin and check the order timeline. Look for the payment authorization entry, which should usually occur near the beginning of the timeline.
  • Scroll through the order timeline and check for a payment capture entry. It should show that the card was charged e.g. 'A $100 Payment was Processed using a Visa ending in 1234'.
  • Check for any manual transfers from Facebook & Instagram.
  • Ensure that the amount transferred by Facebook matches the order amount. It is common to see transfers from Facebook for partial amounts, which is possibly what you are seeing when you mention the bunch of random charges.
  • If the order amount matches the amount transferred by Facebook, this generally means that no funds were captured from the customer. In that case there will be no further entries to show the processing of the refund. This is expected behaviour because if no funds were captured from the customer, then there is nothing to refund.


I would suggest advising your client to ask the customer to check their bank/credit card statement for the order date and time to confirm if funds were actually processed. If the customer is positive and adamant that funds were definitely processed, then having your client reach out to our support team using our help center will allow us to take a closer look at the order in their admin. A screenshot of the entry from their statement showing the statement descriptor and the date and time of processing may be necessary for us.


Rick | Shopify 
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