Why can't I access live customer support and what are these Shopify refund deductions?

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NO ACCESS TO LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT SINCE NOVEMBER 2022:  I cannot access customer support to answer any question; my store is active, I paid for full year but is NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT for me.Every time I try a live support option vial email or live chat the systems asked me to sign in AGAIN ; so it sends me back to sign in the active store that I WAS ALREADY SIGNED IN!!; I do sign in for the 3rd time and it happens over and over again. Very frustrating. Shopify blocked my access to help.                                                                                                                                                                                EXPLANATION REGARDING PRACTICE OF DEDUCTING REFUNDS FROM THE AMOUNT CHARGED FOR SOLD PRODUCTS: I have question regarding the REFUNDS that Shopify takes off from the amount charged for my products sold. I understand Shopify fees are deducted but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE REFUNDS SHOPIFY DEDUCTS with each sell. Can someone explain? It is very frustrating to deal with Shopify.   So there are 2 problems.

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Hi @dga25 


I understand your frustration. That is why I created this steps below. 


Just follow the steps below.

1. Click this link, Contact Shopify Support, and log in to your store. 

2. You should be routed to the page like the image below.



3. Then select Starting Store. This will open another page like below.




4. Scroll down and you should see the options to contact Shopify Support.



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