Re: Cannot mark orders as fulfilled in bulk

Why can't I fulfill orders in bulk efficiently?

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Hey there

I get about 150-200 orders/day and it takes me multiple attempts to successfully mark all of them as fulfilled. Even when trying to mark 30 orders as fulfilled it takes multiple attempts. This has been a problem for the last several months. Please let me know what I can do about this. 


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If you want to have them automatically marked fulfilled, you can use Order Automator to create rules to auto fulfill certain line items.

For example, if you want to automatically fulfill all digital items, or all items of a certain type, tags, title, etc, you can do that. It processes orders as they come in, but you can also set a delay and if you want we can set it so you can fulfill old orders too (like by date).

My team and I developed the app, so if you need any customizations feel free to reach out, we're happy to help save you time so you can focus on growing your biz.

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Hey @smerritt!

This is Finley from the Social Care team at Shopify.

Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear this has been a problem for you recently.

Are you fulfilling multiple orders by going to your Shopify admin > Orders > Click selected orders > Actions > Fulfill orders?

If so, this bulk fulfillment is a background job that runs asynchronously. So it's expected that you may notice that the orders only show as fulfilled after a couple of minutes or more. The processing time will depend on how many orders are marked as fulfilled. You can also refresh the page to get the most up to date status of your orders.

If the orders are not updating even after some time or with refreshing the page, would you please confirm:

1) You're using a browser supported by Shopify. I recommend using Google Chrome when possible.

2) You've cleared your browser's cache following the steps here.

If you've taken these steps and still have an issue fulfilling orders in bulk, there may be another issue at play. If this is the case, please let me know. I'll be happy to gather some further information and take a look at your account.


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi, I am having this problem as well. Even after quitting chrome, refreshing and coming back after 15 min, the orders still are marked unfulfilled. They were orders from the POS app so they should have automatically fulfilled (side question can you have them automatically fulfill when selling in person using the Shopify POS app? 

please let me know if there's anything else I can try to bulk fulfill 

thanks 🙂


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Hey There,

   I'm not sure if you've solved this problem yet but I think our app, EZ Fulfill, may also be able to help.  EZ Fulfill allows you to fulfill orders and upload tracking numbers automatically.  You can also upload tracking numbers to orders that are already fulfilled or override tracking numbers on orders that already have them.   You can automate the process using an FTP/SFTP server or Dropbox, our scheduler allows you to fulfill orders as frequently as every hour.

I think this should work for you or anyone else that has a similar problem.  If you have further questions just contact us and we'd happy to help.

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Are u doing shopify dropshipping?Try Ourmall to help u. Add ur vendors on Ourmall,after they joined, entrust orders to them for auto fulfillment. 

Your orders will be processed by your vendors. More time-saving!