Why can't I make stripe credit card payments on my website?

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Dear Sir/Madam,


When I try to checking out, I can not payed with my stripe - credit card "payments". I can choose it, but it is not work and I do not know, what is the problem.  I think there might be a problem with a code because my products are not in my stripe account and I can't import them there. I think this is necessary for card purchases or isn't it? so I can not payed with stripe in my website like credit card etc. and I don't know why i can not. I see it, and i can choose but It is not work. I have the connect with stripe, but they tell me everything is ok with them.


Please help,

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Hi, @SzépFenyő!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble checking out.


Could you please tell me a little bit more about what you're seeing when you try to checkout, - do you get some type of error message?


One way to check what kind of error you get it to go to Orders > Abandonded checkouts in your Shopify admin, click into a recent order there, and scroll down to the Timeline section:





Here, a failed checkout is recorded as en event, and usually it should also show you the reason/what type of error occurred.


Have a look for some error code or anything else that would indicate why the order failed - and it may be useful to then share that information with Stripe so they can better understand what the issue is.


Just in case, could you also let me know what country you're based in? This is just so we can keep in mind alternative options in case Stripe is not available. 


While you're looking into this, I noticed that this is your first time posting in the Community - welcome!

How are you finding Shopify so far? 

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Thank you, it works now. I tried to transfer an amount that was too low. This was the problem.