Why can't my customer in Singapore place an order due to shipping issues?

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I have a customer in Singapore that has purchased from me twice. He is attempting to purchase, but it is telling him "we do not ship to this destination". I have never had this issue. This country is listed for us to ship to. Please let me know how to fix.


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Hi, @rebelpirate88. I'm happy to look into this with you! Are there any differences in this customer's order from the orders they've placed in the past? For example, the order total, the products they're ordering, or the address being used?


When this error message happens it typically means that the product(s) in the cart are having trouble making a clear path to a shipping rate. There's a few reasons this could be happening and it usually takes a bit of troubleshooting to find the exact cause. To troubleshoot this I recommend trying the following steps:


  • Double check the default package used to calculate your rates at checkout. This will be found by going to Settings > Shipping and delivery and scrolling down to the Shipping Packages section.
    • If you're using weight based shipping rates, make sure that the weight of the package isn't making the package too heavy for your weight ranges.
    • If you're using carrier calculated shipping rates, make sure that the default package is not set to a carrier packaging type. For example, if you're using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, this will only bring up Priority Mail options. Therefore, if those rates aren't available in the profile, your customer would see an error message.
    • If you're using carrier calculated rates, you'll also want to ensure the dimensions for the package fit the carrier's requirements for box sizing.
  • Ensure that all of your products are in valid shipping profiles, and that there are rates in those profiles for the customer's shipping location. You can access your shipping profiles by going to Settings > Shipping & Delivery in your Shopify admin. From here, click into each profile and make sure you see compatible shipping rates for each location that has inventory you need to ship. You can find more information about shipping profiles on this page.
  • Ensure there aren't any shipping rates set up in a way to potentially exclude orders from shipping. You can find more information on setting up shipping rates here.
    • If you're using price based shipping rates, confirm that your rates cover all order total possibilities. For example, if you only have one rate set up as "free shipping on orders $100 and up", but your customer is trying to check out with an order less than $100, there would be no rates to show them and they would receive that error message.
    • If you're using weight-based shipping rates or calculated shipping rates, ensure that your products have weight assigned.
  • Ensure the countries you ship to are in active markets. You can double check this by going to Settings > Markets. You can also read more about shipping and Shopify Markets here.
  • Make sure the Physical product or Requires Shipping setting is enabled for products that you need to ship.
  • Make sure that your products and variants have inventory at the locations you are shipping from. You can find this by going to Products and clicking on the product you want to view. Under the Inventory section you will see a list of the locations you have and the amount of inventory you have at each location. You can also read more about assigning inventory to locations on this page.

Please try out those steps, and let me know if your customer is still having trouble completing their order.

Erin | Shopify 
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