Why did my ecommerce store suddenly disappear?

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Our store, which we built over 3 years ago to become one of Africa's largest Ecommerce sites has suddenly disappeared. It's been 72 hours now! We are losing income and getting zero help from Shopify. It disappeared when attempting to settle our bill. Payment was not going through and after several attempts the shop disappeared.

We are told this put our account on hold and there is a team that needs to look into this but it can "take some time."

We are losing revenue, losing credibility, losing clients and it seems Shopify doesn't care about this because we are now in the system funnel. The damage that this is causing for our brand is so severe that there is almost no way of recovering. Competitors are having a field day and posting on their social media platforms how customers should choose a store that is "reliable" etc. The pain I feel about this is beyond what words can express.

Has anyone experienced this from Shopify before. If we don't get this shop up by today leading into the weekend the shop would have been unavailable for over 6 days.

I dont think we can recover from this at all.

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