Why has my pick up option suddenly disappeared from checkout?

Why has my pick up option suddenly disappeared from checkout?

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Hi there, 

I had a 'Pick up' option that has been working fine for the past few months and now it's disappeared. Everything looks fine in the locations and the shipping/delivery info under settings. I also read the discussion board and learned about inventory locations that there needs to be enough stock etc. This seems fine too so I am confused!

I have set up a temporary variant under 'shipping' in the mean time but there was a 'shipping' option or a 'pick up' option right after you click 'checkout' in the cart. Would like to fix asap as customers have noticed and its xmas shopping time! 


Also I can't seem to access talking to someone, this has been so helpful before. Why has this disappeared too?? Thanks!

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Hey, @cathyt. Sorry to hear you’re having these difficulties. I can understand your urgency to get it resolved, so I’m here to help!


Since it is a time sensitive matter, I understand if you would prefer to receive live support for it. You can get in touch with a Support Advisor via live chat, email or phone callback by logging into your account through the Shopify Help Center


However, I’m also happy to help as much as I can here in this thread. Therefore, please let me know where exactly the ‘Pick up’ option has disappeared from? Is it not showing as an option for your customers to choose in your checkout?


If so,  I recommend reviewing the Help Doc for Setting up pickup for online orders - specifically the Checkout experience section. It goes over the requirements to be able to see ‘Pick up’ as an option in the checkout. Since you’ve already mentioned that you’ve looked into the inventory and location settings, noticing if your customer has chosen an accelerated checkout would be the most likely reason from that list. 


Let me know if this helps!

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