Why hasn't my payout been released after 120 days?

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Hi there,


a few months ago I received an email from shopify trust and safety team saying that they will put my payouts on hold for 120 days incase of any chargebacks occur and then after 120 days they will release the remaining amount to the bank address on file. 

It has been more than 120 days i have not received my money yet. I have contacted them a few time for a follow up after 120 days, however no response or any replied. I have contacted shopify support and they told me it is best to reply to the same email you have received from that team and allow them 24 - 72 hours to reply.


it has been more than that by now. I have replied to that email several time and it has been a few days that i haven’t heard anything from them. 

that money ($1,910.80 AUD) may seem less to your company (shopify) however it can be really important and life changing for someone else. This is totally not fair to hold the money for 120 days and still after 120 days no response from them even though i contacted them several times. 

there are more expectations from a company like shopify. You shouldn’t treat your customers like this. People should be aware about how you treat your customers. Shopify uses big names such as (Mr Beast) to promote shopify business on social medias but do they know about how you treat your customers? 

this is completely unfair. 


Here is the ticket ID: 3eb244a1-2509-4681-bfcc-4ba6e7d93867



My shopify store:




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Hey sorry to hear I’m having the same issue did you ever received your money ?

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Did you receive your funds back 

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did you ever get your money back? please answer me

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  • I got mine this Wednesday after waiting over 120 days I had to message them over a 100 times I wasn’t easy