Why is my online store getting traffic but not making sales?

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Dear sir/madam, just to let you know that i'm having traffic on my shopify store but no sales yet. Please i wish to know what might be the problem so help me. 

Here is the store site address. 


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Hello @laurich ,


I took a look into your store and If you are spending on ads I'd suggest you to stop right now. Your store requires a complete revision to compete with selling brands.


1) Target audience and Brand identity

  • First of all, I see that you are following the method of "try to sell everything and build it around what sells most." This could have been a valid approach a year ago but time changes fast. Most of your potential customers know about dropshipping and even if they are inclined to buy a product they see, they'll search for cheaper options.
  • You are mostly selling apparels. I'd suggest you to build a brand identity targeting apparel customers. Then build a beautiful website representing the brand identity so that your website doesn't look a dropshipping store.


2) Hero banner:

  • First few seconds are extremely important to grab a customers attention. Their perspective will build around that few seconds and a hero banner essential to ensure that. Right now Laurichshop welcomes customers with a generic text that has no context and a random product:
  • Landing page should include an aesthetic looking hero image, a short text telling about what the store sells and a call to action directing to shop or the collection that's highlighted on the banner. Compare the above with the example below:
    Even if this turns out to be dropshipping store, without seeing the rest of the store, I'm 100% sure they sell. Of course you need a target audiance and brand identity strategy to be able to design a hero banner.


3) Announcement bar:

  • Instead of a slogan, it's much better to use announcement bar for promotion. It could be a discount on subscription and free shipping above certain purchase.
  • Providing a discount on subscription increases chances of customers buying and you need to collect your customer's emails. Because email campaign will be even more important than ads as you grow.
  • Customers doesn't like to pay for shipping and by setting free shipping on certain amount, you're guiding them to buy more products.
  • Even better if you provide a shipping bar in your cart or product page to add interactivity and grab attention. There are apps to achieve this but it's a simple feature that won't need an app. Example:


4) Collection & Product listings:

  • Instead of listing random products on your landing page, highlight your collection lists or collections and have them visit the product page if they're interested or add CTA to buy directly. Examples:
  • If you wish to highlight a single product, you can present them like below instead of puting all the details on the home page:
  • Avoid long product titles. Keep them short and catchy. Provide details in the description:


5) Trust badges:

  • It's generally a good idea to provide brand logos to build credibility but only if they're properly highlighted and have meaning for your store. As it is they're low quality with no context and end up losing credibility:
  • Instead of long texts for quality, shipping etc. It's much better to provide trust badges with visuals and concise message. Example:


6) Storytelling:

  • I see that you have created some content but you should avoid long texts in home page.
    If you wish to keep the long information, instead you can write a blog and higlight it on the home page linking to the blog. Providing link doesn't only look better but help for SEO. Example:
  • Make sure to add a call to action section, either collection or product list below your storytelling content. Always try to keep customer attention in the website by navigating them with a focus on selling products as it's your ultimate goal.


I hope these help and good luck! Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance.
Best regards,
Eray Barslan | Shopify Developer & Designer

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Hi there, @laurich.

Thanks for reaching out with this! This is a really common stage in most stores, please rest assured you're not alone in this and there are some excellent steps you can take to improve your conversion rate. Speaking of conversion rate - do you know what yours is currently? This blog post walks through what this number means, and where you can find yours. 


 The key to improving this number in my opinion is a really solid marketing plan. I have a guide here that will help you create a marketing plan that works. A piece of advice I'd also give you is to figure out EXACTLY who it is that you think your ideal target customer is; who are they? what age are they? Why would these products appeal to them & how are they currently going looking for these products? This podcast, 'Using Customer Profiles as a Filter for Making Better Business Decisions — Podcasts' gives you a brilliant example of how to approach this.

I also wanted to touch on some opportunities I noticed when looking through your store. One thing I notice is that your product names have what looks to be generic dropshipping-type product names attached to them - for example "Summer Explosion Outdoor High Top Beach Shoes Fashion Men's Personality Trend Sandals Roman Slippers Men Platform Sandals". I would highly recommend re-naming your products to something more accurate and unique to your store, as these types of product names can often be found on fraudulent stores and so can appear to customers as a "red flag". Another suggestion I have is to add gift cards to your store, as this means you can continue to make money even if you have sold out of items in your store. I have a guide on how to do this here. I trust this helps, thank you! 

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify

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Hi @laurich !

I had a look at your e-commerce site. I few comments from my side that could help to increase your conversion rate.


1. Ensure that your homepage presents a wide variety of product types, with a goal of displaying at least 40% of all available product types. For mobile homepages, you might want to consider incorporating text links either instead of or in addition to images and thumbnails.

Good example for inspiration:




2. Consider making product categories the primary level in your main navigation.

Good example for inspiration




3. Increase the prominence of the "Add to cart" button on the product page to make it stand out from other elements. Currently, the button is the same colour as the background and may not be noticeable enough and could be easily overlooked. Additionally, placing information about free shipping and returns above the fold can reduce the risk for potential customers and help improve their shopping experience.

Good example for inspiration




4. Allow customers to browse products thematically or through guided paths, not only on your homepage but also within your category navigation.

Good example for inspiration



5. Your mobile device's performance index is quite low. Since most of the traffic typically comes from mobile devices, poor performance can directly impact the user experience, which, in turn, affects the conversion rate.

PageSpeed report


1. Reduce unused JavaScript.

2. Eliminate render-blocking resources - resources are blocking the first paint of your page. Consider delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles.

3. Avoid an excessive DOM size.

4. Minimize main-thread work.

5. Ensure text remains visible during webfont load.

6. Reduce the impact of third-party code.

7. Largest Contentful Paint image was lazily loaded.


For anymore insights you can also visit our page CRO Audits - CONVERSIONTIGERS.
We have blog posts regarding these topics and also demo audits available for browsing and ideation for you. For any further questions, just drop us an e-mail 🙂

Kauri Ääremann,
Conversiontigers / CEO

Best regards,
Kauri Ääremann, MSc
Conversiontigers, CEO