Why is my order fulfillment status stuck in progress?

Why is my order fulfillment status stuck in progress?

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Good day, 


An order has been paid and fulfilled in full but the fulfillment status still says in progress. 


I use a third party store in order to fulfill my items and on their side it says the item has been fulfilled, I have attempted to cancel the request and click on mark item as fulfilled but it keeps just displaying as in progress. 


I have synced my shopify to the third party suppliers site multiple times with no resolution, please advise. 


Second query is when I receive an order do I need to select request fulfillment in order for shopify to send the order through or how would it work?


See following snip of the issue




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If the fulfillment order is a location that is a 3rd party fulfillment service, then when you request fulfillment, they will need to mark it fulfilled (via the API, for example normally when they fulfill, they update the order with tracking and mark fulfilled).


If that process is not working, but the order has been physically fulfilled and you have tracking, you can do this:

1) Change the location of the fulfillment order to a location you control (click the 3 dots in the fulfillment order to see the option)

2) Now that it's your location, you will be able to add tracking and mark as fulfilled


If you don't see the new location to change to, go to the product details page and in the inventory assign the location, with inventory, to that product, then you'll be able to switch it over.


Second query yes when you click request fulfillment button it sends the fulfillment request to them. You can automate that step by using Shopify Flow or Order Automator.

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