Why is my PayPal Express payment still pending after set up?

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I'm having trouble setting up paypal express to collect payments. I do have both, personal and business paypal accounts, I tried connecting both to store. I have managed, changed out each provider options, but it is still saying payment pending in paypal express, to first compete the set up in order to collect. What am I doing incorrectly? 

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Hey @IanRomolor.


Sorry to hear you are running into issues with your PayPal set up. Happy to help you out on this!


First things first, you need to use your business account with PayPal. Can you tell me if this is the below message that appears for you when setting up PayPal?



For some context, once you have set up your business account with PayPal you would need to wait until another PayPal payment is completed in your shop before the warning goes away. PayPal won't check to see if everything's good to go until another PayPal payment is completed. So in this case the banner should disappear once two PayPal orders have been completed, this is expected behavior.


In regard to the PayPal payments showing as 'pending' can you tell me where you are seeing this? Is it in your Shopify admin or via your PayPal business account. Transactions should never remain in a pending state for longer than 48 hours, but you might not see this status changed in your order timeline after this time frame.  This can occur if Shopify never receives the notification from PayPal that the payment has cleared on PayPal's end - and the status of the payment remains as pending ("payment is pending"). While the order can still be marked as paid once you observe it has cleared within PayPal,our developers are aware of this and are working with PayPal to ensure that payments/pending payments with PayPal are updated within both your PayPal dashboard and your Shopify admin to make management of your orders easier.  I do not have a timeline to share for when these improvements will roll out, but in the future, over time, you will observe that a pending status will update with consistency. For now, however, you may have to mark as paid manually when you notice that the payment has cleared within PayPal.

Separate to your query, I just wanted to say that we're always here to chat with you about how things work on Shopify or any technical aspects you might need assistance with — but you can also ask us all sorts of things. If you want our opinion about your business plan or site layout, even with marketing and growth aspects you're curious about, then be sure to reach out. Almost anything you have questions about when it comes to eCommerce, I've likely at least seen others touch on before and will be glad to help you too!


Let me know if you have any questions on this! Thanks.

Maz | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you for the very informative response. I found out the reason behind pending payment which was because I needed to have the PayPal business acct verified and linked to bank. PayPal issue out of the way. 


Now I've encountered issues with third party payment. I'm wondering if it has to do with where I am located. I live in Guam Island, USA. Guam is not listed in Stripe also when I tried to sign up. My last attempt was signing up for... 2checkout? and Amazon pay. But both require EIN, and business license to activate them. Are those necessary to open up the online store and start earning, or am I setting up the payment gateway wrong?