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Why is my Postnl tracking link only opening the homepage?

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When I add a tracking number to an order and choose Postnl as carrier, it sends an email to the customer with the tracking number as a link. 


When the user clicks the link it just opens the postnl homepage instead of the actual tracking page.




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Hi @Nadim,


The link sent to the customer may not be formatted correctly, causing it to redirect to the PostNL homepage instead of the tracking page. This can be fixed by checking the configuration settings and ensuring the email client and browser being used are compatible with the tracking link format. Contacting PostNL support or the software developer may be necessary if the issue persists.


If you are still facing the issue it is always a better idea to look for a solution that streamlines your tracking and shipping. In such a case, you may want to consider using an alternative app like the PH MultiCarrier shipping label app.

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Actually what is needed here is to update the Tracking URL on Shopify to be in this format.


Now if we can just get Shopify to do something....... "Crickets".


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Hi Nadim,


we work with myparcel and their (free plugin) this will solve that issue and customer get an email with correct link. Besides that what I never managed to get working is the tracking on the thank you page. The status always stays (even after delivery) on its way (see screenshot)