Why is my UK-based Shopify payment gateway disabled despite selling in Australia?

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Hello, I have a UK based company and my store location also UK. but my shopify payment was on hold , and today i got an email where they are saying my shopify payment got disabled because it is not in the list of countries where SP operates, but UK is in that list. is there any way to enable my payment gateway? i am selling in Australia. Thank you

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Hello @Kyle32

This is Lana from Shopify. I see you're having an issue with Shopify Payments so I wanted to help you out.

You mentioned that you got an email saying that the gateway was disabled for you even though UK is on the list of supported countries, but I noticed you're also saying that you're selling in Australia:

i am selling in Australia. Thank you 

Did you set your Shopify store's country for the UK or Australia? Whichever region you choose for the store, you must also be able to prove a physical/business presence there, and if you cannot provide documents that show this, the gateway may be disabled. For example, if you are currently living in Australia, you should set your store's country to that in Settings > General (in the case that you do not have a presence in the UK that you can prove).

Before you make any changes, it is important that you clarify with our Business Operations team why exactly it was deactivated, and you can do that by replying directly to that email that you mentioned earlier. Please do allow for some time while they get back to you, but also keep an eye on your emails as that is where you will be contacted.

If after your interaction with the team it is confirmed that you will not be able to use Shopify Payments anymore for whatever reason, you do have other options. I have a list of payment gateways available in Australia and the United Kingdom (depending on your own situation, as I outlined earlier). For any gateway that you choose other than Shopify Payments, you will first need to go to their website to set up an account, and you can then follow these steps here to integrate it into your store.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this.

Thanks! -Lana

Lana | Social Care @ Shopify
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