Why is the card field not showing for some customers during checkout?

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Hi Shopify community, hope everything is well. We need your assistance on this issue.

We are a respected store that fulfilled over 33K orders with Shopify for 4 years but there is something wrong.


The Issue

We are using Stripe to process payments but the card field on the checkout doesn't show to at least 40% of our customer base, as you can see on the screenshot.card-not-available.png


Our Findings

  • Although I can see the card field without an issue, there are console errors on the checkout page as shown on the attached screenshot "console-errors". Those errors may be the cause that some customers are not able to see the card field.
  • Even though the current Stripe API version is "2023-08-16", the Stripe plugin on the Shopify platform calls the "2019-02-11" version of it. A quick update of the Stripe plugin may solve the issue.








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Shopify Staff
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@burakb thank you for bringing this to our attention. Do you have a URL of a checkout where this might have happened or a store where this can be replicated? 

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